We are proud to offer the following range of landscape architectural design services:

Site design:

Site design has a significant impact on the quality and character of a project, and on the quality of life it brings to residents, tenants, or patrons. We understand, and take into consideration all the factors that influence the design of a specific site and the details that make it great. Consideration of the spatial relationships of buildings, planting, hardscape, lighting, signage, and site amenities must all be considered during the design process.

Master Planning Services:

Working in close collaboration with clients, we seek out sustainable, innovative solutions that respond to the specific conditions of a site and the aspirations of the community. Visioning, Strategic Planning, Feasibility Studies and Site Assessment, Destination Branding and Marketing, Urban Regeneration and Site Development Work, Urban Design Frameworks, Design Guidelines, Planning Regulations, Planning Applications/Entitlements, Peer Reviews and Consultation.

Planting Design Services:

We design sustainable planting plans for commercial, residential, and public spaces creating landscapes that transform perspectives with maintainable solutions. The firm’s work imaginatively unifies the relationship between landscape and architecture, ensuring unique compositions that satisfy the demands of both form and function. Our staff has the technical expertise to specify sustainable planting solutions that minimize maintenance costs and minimize water consumption.

Cost Estimating:

Project costs are a primary consideration during design. We have a successful track record of keeping projects within budget or creating project phasing so improvements can be implemented over a period of time.

Construction Documents:

CA has extensive experience preparing grading and drainage plans to ensure proper drainage, maximize utilization of a site, and enhance circulation.

Construction Observation:

The Construction process is where the design plans are translated into reality. We represent the Owner and protect their interests during construction. Our participation in plant selection and layout ensures a completed project that fully manifests the goals of our clients.

Some of our service areas are: Weston, Wellesley, Natick, Needham, Wayland, Framingham, Dover and Sherborn, Boston.

We welcome the challenges each new project presents and look forward to the opportunity to long term relationships with our clients. You can check our recreational and landscape design projects online and contact us at (508) 654-6847 or visit our online form.